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Saturday, 14 August 2010

ENERGYAUSTRALIA - The Energy Efficiency Centre hosts free, regular energy saving and sustainability workshops and seminars.

Free Seminar - THE SIXTH WAVE

EnergyAustralia is proud to present Dr James Bradfield Moody discussing his book, The Sixth Wave - how to succeed in a resource-limited world.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the tide of progress has ebbed and flowed: five distinct waves, each starting with new technologies, transforming our industries, societies and economies. The Sixth Wave explores where we are now, on the cusp of another transformation – the sixth wave.

How do we stop our addiction to the consumption of resources? How do we prepare for a world where resources are scarce and increasingly expensive? Where will the next generation of entrepreneurs seek new opportunities for innovation?

Come and hear Dr James Bradfield Moody describe how he foresees 'The Sixth Wave' unfolding.

Attendees will receive a free copy of James Bradfield Moody and Bianca Nogrady’s book The Sixth Wave – how to succeed in a resource-limited world.

Saturday 11 September 2010
2-5pm. (Talk from 3pm. Energy Efficiency Centre open for viewing from 2- 5pm)

Energy Efficiency Centre
Homebush Business Village
Unit 12/11-21 Underwood Road, Homebush

Entry is free. Light refreshments will be provided.

Register for this event
For more information email to EnergyAustralia

Call one of our field operations offices:

Muswellbrook 02 6542 9017
Wallsend 02 4951 9930
Central Coast 02 4325 8537
Hornsby 02 9477 8201
Oatley 02 9585 5774

Below are presentations from past events held at the Energy Efficiency Centre.

Please note: A number of these presentations were by guest speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of EnergyAustralia.

SOLAR POWER - Grid Connection Basics
Huon Hoogesteger from LJW Solar presented on the benefits of solar and how to set up a solar system.

27/02/2010 SOLAR POWER - Rooftop solar. The costs and benefits.
Paul Myors of Energy Australia dymystifies the solar panel accreditation scheme, and runs through a buyer's checklist for a solar installation.

27/02/2010 YOUR GREEN DREAM HOME - How you can improve your home.
Caroline Pidcock of Pidcock Architecture & Sustainability presents her ideas on how you can design or renovate your home to minimise your impact on the environment.

28/11/2009 ECO-LIGHTING - The choices for the future
Peter Portelli of Osram Australia presents an overview of the lighting options available now and in the future.

25/10/2009 ECO-LIGHTING - 7 Myths of Compact Flurorescent Lamps
Craig Avery of PlanetArk explores the history of the lightbulb and the impact of lighting options in the future.

25/10/2009 CLEAN ENERGY - Ecologically Sustainable Energy.
Dr Mark Diesendorf of the Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW, discusses Australia's diverse energy mix and the steps toward a more sustainable energy future.

26/09/2009 CHEAPER AND GREENER - Cheaper and greener. cutting your small business running costs
Australia's leading business and financial commentator Peter Switzer presents an overarching view of Australia in the global financial crisis and offers advice to Small Businesses to help them maintain green credentials and cut costs in these challenging times.

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